The Love Music Hate Racism organisation has announced there will be festivals this autumn in order to quell the rise of the far right extremist organisations, for example The English Defense League and the BNP.

The first of two events will take place in Huddersfield on October 5th, but is for the town's university students only. There will be a free all day carnival with a special concert after 8pm (costing £7.50).

A couple of days later Stiff Little Fingers and The Splitters will play Auditorium, Leicester Market. The tickets are only available on the door, costing £16 for the 18+ event.

It should also be noted, LMHR will be supporting its sister organization, Unite Against Fascism (UAF) in London on November 6th. There will be a march in central London assembling at Malet Street (WC1). It is so far supported by the TUC and the Muslim Council of Great Britain.