Some would say it is a little early to be making plans for Halloween, but plan you should. Why? The Cosmic Dead will be out, undoubtably in full force, but out none the less. It is a chance to see their new line up as, The Radiation Line looks like a toxic spill too far.

The new band has a lineup of Julian Dicken (drums), James Mckay on (guitar), Josh Longtown (bass), Euan Meikle (synth), Joe Quimby (synth & Guitar), Callum Calderwood (fiddle) and last, but by no means least, Omar Aborida (didgeridoo, smoke and lights).

Their space age rock tour of Glasgow will commence on October 31st in 13th Note where they will play with drone-doom heros, Bong. Two weeks later (November 17th) they will be at Nice and Sleazy's playing more of the psyche-funk which endears them to many. Finally ending up with the supporting role of Chicago band, Cave in the appropriatly spaced out venue of The Arches.

It is pretty hard to pin them down musically, as they note one of their main influences is "Dylan Carlson's handlebar mustache" and their music is closer to the soundtrack of 2001: A Space Oddesy and light years ahead of the darlings of other publications.