Friday 27th of October 2017
Surya London

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Doors open at 19.00
Venue and Locality: Surya London
Postcode: N1 9JL

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Newmoon are out to squeeze your heart rather than your flex your head. That’s why they cite the likes The Jesus & Mary Chain, Slowdive, The Ramones, Oasis and Sunn o))) as influences. Disparate artists for sure, but all unique entities built on singular approaches. A mere five seconds of any of these differing bands is enough for instant sonic recognition. And so it goes with Newmoon.

Friends since their mid-teens, they began without contrivances or a career plan, and instead had only a desire to escape the restrictive hardcore world, and explore new sonic territories. They were an experiment. An exploration. “We grew up loving Joy Division and The Cure,” explains Bert. “But the music we made before was so much easier to play so we were unsure as to whether we had the ability to reflect this music that we really liked. Newmoon was our way of discovering whether we could fit in anywhere. We’re still discovering now. Everything is new.”

With Bert’s vocals acting as another instrument interwoven through the textures of their sound, it’s not immediately obvious that his lyrics are inspired by literary greats such as Kurt Vonnegut, Haruki Murakami and John Steinbeck but a conversation with him reveals otherwise. “Reading a writer such as Vonnegut is inspiring to me as a lyricist, and in life,” he explains. “In Slaughterhouse 5, he hits just the right combination of cynicism and beauty. I’ve always indentified with his use of the line ‘So it goes’ every time someone dies or something bad happens in the novel.
I use that to combat my own cynicism when I have no control over a situation: that’s just the way it is. Good or bad, it's best to keep moving on and not over think things in the past. So it goes.”

An early demo recorded in a friend’s shed was put online in February 2014 and then things moved absurdly quickly. Within days they signed to Touché Amoré’s label Secret Voice/Deathwish Inc for the release of those recording as their debut EP ‘Invitation To Hold’. Offers for shows came flooding in, but several of the band were already exploring Japan and working on ideas that would shape their debut. Bassist Robby had never previously played an instrument before Newmoon bought him some gear and roped him in, yet within six months he was playing to a sold out London show at the Electric Ballroom.

Though light years ahead in sound, some things you can’t shake off and there remains in Newmoon a strong DIY punk ethic to everything they do (even their backdrop is sewn by the band, by hand). Which isn’t to say they’re self-absorbed, self righteous bro’s. Quite the opposite, in fact. After shows they can often be found in the local shitty clubs, either on the karaoke machine or tearing up the dancefloor to 90s house music. Newmoon are band who live it, experiencing everything that life has to offer together. They all play Fenders. They all have matching tattoos. They party harder than most.

And their long-term goals? “We want people to be able to both lose and then find themselves in Space,” says Bert. “We want them to discover something new, something they didn't know was there, within, as we have in us.”

And so it goes...

Newmoon are: Bert Cannaerts (vocals/guitar), Giel Torfs (guitar/backing vocals), Philippe Corthout (guitar), Robby Geybels (bass) and Stef Gouwkens (drums).