Tuesday 26th of September 2017
Factory, Manchester

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Doors open at 7pm
Venue and Locality: Factory, Manchester
Postcode: M1 7EN

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Angel Vivaldi

In today’s music scene where countless band are effortlessly duplicated, Angel Vivaldi stands out as a cutting edge artist. His blend of spell-binding guitar anthems, tasteful yet virtuosic playing and engaging song arrangements have captured the ears of many who would have never given instrumental music a listen.

Rated #3 in prog-Sphere’s Top Guitarists of 2014, Angel’s critically acclaimed Away With Words Part 1 catapulted him into the group of elite modern guitarists. His previous release Universal Language, is a must-hear staple in today’s instrumental album catalog. 2016’s re-release of The Speed Of Dark further proves that there’s no slowing down for Vivaldi.

Angel has visually captivated millions with stunning video releases such as “A Martian Winter”, “TWO” and “one”. The stories and cinematography are beautifully coupled with Vivaldi’s signature guitar themes and epic riffs. The live show maintains the same intensity and production value as everything else, having recently headlined a US tour with Gus G of Ozzy Osbourne/Firewind.

ANDY JAMES is one of the most prolific guitarists in the metal world and once again he has unquestionable proved that statement with the dynamic, new all-instrumental solo album Exodus, which is set for a May 5th release via Urban Yeti Records. In his solo recordings, JAMES exhibits a predominant influence of Andy Timmons and Paul Gilbert, as well as other comparable guitar legends. Exodus is not your A-typical guitar shred record, it’s a venerable roller-coast of emotions, infectious melodies and soul that is captivating and memorable. (see ANDY JAMES main promo photo attached)

The first look into Exodus is via the new full-length track “Never Back Down," which you can stream now in its entirety at the link below.

“Never Back Down” Track-Stream Static Video - https://youtu.be/FMueSMHBT2

Official ANDY JAMES Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/AndyJamesOfficial

Official Website - https://andyjamesguitaracademy.com

James states” "It's been a while since I did my last solo album, but the time has come where I've suddenly got a collection of songs that seem to fit together pretty well and thought why not put out another album. I don't like to force material, it either comes naturally or it doesn't. However, every so often I get inspired to write some songs and the next album is exactly that, spontaneous inspiration. Some of it is a slightly different vibe for me where other songs encapsulate what I think people associate with my sound and writing style, but as a whole fitted together nicely.

"I decided to do everything myself this time around. Sometimes when you do demos you capture a vibe that when recreated in a studio, doesn't quite get the same vibe, so with these songs they started as demos then I spent more time on them to get them sounding like proper songs rather than going back to a studio to re-do it all. On past releases, I feel some of the original vibe has been lost, but this time I think for me it has captured more spontaneity that I wanted to get down.

"I'm excited to put this collection of songs out with the relatively new label, Urban Yeti Records, and getting out there to play these new songs for my fans who have followed the instrumental part of my career."