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Sinister Six

Sinister Six
1) Seattle garage band 2) rap/nerdcore group. 1) From the great Northwest's dark side comes Sinister Six. They play hard, bluesy Garage Rock with no punches pulled. If you know anything about Seattle's underground, you know of its love of garage music and the legendary bands it's spawned (Night Kings, Fallouts, etc...). Their debut full length picks up where their four singles left off (two on Bag O Hammers, one on Empty Records US, and one on Get Hip). Guitarist Brother James' previous efforts included Yummy, 64 Spiders, and Sub Pop's Cat Butt. 2) Sinister Six is a collabaration between a group of rappers that are all well known within the nerdcore scene, the six rappers involved with the project are; MadHatter, YTCracker, Benjamin Bear, ZeaLouS1, Chester and MC_Loki. Their first album "Invasion Of The Mic Snatchers" took a year in the making it tell the story of Earth's final hours. It also features;The Ranger & T.Y.T.. They are released through Scrub Club Records, several of the artists involved with the project also release their solo albums through Scrub Club Records since they are a strictly non-profit venture all their albums, including the one(s) by Sinister Six are available from there for free. Sinisteria! and Outta Sight are from a different Sinister Six than the one mentioned above. The Sinister Six from Scrub Club Records has one album and then a remixed version of that album currently. Source at Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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