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The Marked Men

The Marked Men
The Marked Men is a punk band from Denton, Texas. It features drummer Mike Throneberry, bassist Joey Ayoub, guitarist/vocalist Jeff Burke and guitarist/vocalist Mark Ryan. Thorneberry, Burke and Ryan were members of punk rock band the Reds, and formed the Marked Men when Reds bassist Chris Pulliam moved to Japan. Jeff Burke was also in The Vomit Punx, The Rolemodels, E-Class, and he still plays with The Chopsakis and The Potential Johns. Mark and Mike also play in High Tension Wires, featuring Chris Pulliam (formerly of the Reds), and The Riverboat Gamblers front man, Mike Wiebe. Joe is the bassist in an up & coming pop punk band, Shang-A-Lang, in addition to The Gash. The Marked Men have released music through labels such as Mortville Records, Rip Off Records, Dirtnap Records and most recently signed with Swami Records, a label run by John Reis' of Rocket From The Crypt. Albums * The Marked Men (CD/LP, 2003) Released by Rip Off Records. * On The Outside (CD/LP, 2004) Released by Dirtnap Records. * Fix My Brain (CD/LP, 2006) Released by Swami Records. * Ghosts (CD/LP, 2009) Released by Dirtnap Records. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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