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Paul Lamb and The King Snakes

Paul Lamb and The King Snakes
Paul Lamb & the King Snakes are today acknowledged globally as being amongst the very finest purveyors of Rhythm & Blues Paul Lamb came out of Blyth, Northumberland,forming firstly the Blues Burglars & then the King Snakes. Eventually relocating to London over the years Paul has always run a really tight outfit of fine players, which now comprises of :- Ryan Lamb……. guitar and backing vocals Chad Strentz …vocals and rhythm guitar Rod Demick ……bass and backing vocals Dino Coccia …….drums and backing vocals So, let’s talk plainly about Paul Lamb & the King Snakes, the best British blues band.It didn’t happen suddenly, almost three decades and over 14 albums later Paul Lamb & the King Snakes continue to entertain their growing army of fans. This band has real feeling, not only for their music but for their audience and for each other. Playing with power and passion is second nature to all of them. Paul Lamb and the King Snakes bring mind blowing energy and electrifying stage presence to every show. “You just have to stand back and admire the sheer brilliance of their musicianship” Blues & Rhythm Magazine “This is Blues harp as good as it gets.” Mark Knopfler… Dire Straits “Paul Lamb & the King Snakes are true torch bearers for the British Blues scene & long may they prosper.” Blues in the North West “Paul Lamb & the King Snakes is a band that know how to use their dynamic range…. to the full effect.” Folk Roots Magazine Contact: Hazel Hazel (management) Email : tel: +44 (0)7950896381

Location: London England
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